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I just want to drop you, my gentle readers, a message to say that yes, I do read all your comments. Sometimes (like this week), I get frustrated that I don’t have the time to respond to all of you. I want to write in response to all your emails, but doing everything is sometimes an impossible balancing act.

If you don’t read PhD Comics, at least check out their latest comic. For me it is currently a careful balance of writing this blog, Astronomy Cast, writing grants, doing research, answering email/comments, being married, and trying to keep up with our 110 year old house. Wheeeeee

Most days I love my life, but all days I feel like I’m behind in everything I want to do. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Sometimes, what I end up actually being behind in doing is writing answers to comments from you.

But I always read all your comments…