Summer Days, Drifting Away . . .

As an academic, I can be as bad as any school child when it comes to counting down the days until summer begins. The holidays of Easter & Passover always mark the final race toward finals, and with these spring celebrations I know a brief reprieve from scheduled days and grading is on the way. Now, with Independence Day behind me, it feels like summer is winding down. On Friday I leave for one week of two marathon conferences, and after that it will be just 2 more weeks until classes begin. With tomorrow, and the need to slip into full time conference preparation, my “Lazy Days of Summer,” come to a close. I’m a bit melancholy – My summer visions of getting all my flower beds weeded, 4 grants written, and 2 science papers submitted are all only half done. I will get everything except perhaps the flowerbeds before the August 20 start of classes, but… But I’ve discovered one sniggly little thing I miss about working at Harvard: They don’t start classes until September. But, I’m not going to let my summer leave me until tomorrow. Tonight, having spent the day planting flowers, I’m going to curl up with a bowl of something I shouldn’t eat and read Harry Potter until I’m done. Tomorrow the work-a-day world can come back. Today I am still my own person.


  1. Brian
    Jul 23, 2007

    Sounds familiar! I’ve spent my summer reorganizing my astronomy classes, getting a paper out and shepherding a student through another research project. I wonder if my lectures for my physical science class will get done before August?!

  2. bcmjeoncno
    Aug 1, 2007

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