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After spending the beginning of the week in the Eastern time zone at the AAPT meeting in Greensboro, NC, I am now planning to spend the second half of my week in the Pacific time zone attending the ASP’s Cosmos in the Classroom meeting in Pomona, CA. I’m writing this from Dallas, where I am currently waiting for my flight to leave.

I learned a few key lessons today: if you tie your poster tube to your carry-on bag it counts as 1 carry on (even though you have to take them apart to fit them into the overhead bin; terminals A and C in Dallas do not have enough electrical outlets or departure boards; when you ask the nice lady behind the counter at 2:15 after landing late where your 2:55 flight is departing from, she will tell you the gate and instruct you to run, even if your flight is delayed an hour; wearing flip flops to fly is convenient while passing through security, but detrimental when trying to run between gates; I personally do not have the coordination to carry a back-pack, poster tube, roller bag and to run at the same time; falling while running on escalators with a poster tub, backpack, and rollar bag hurts; finding out your flight is delayed and their is an Au Bon Pain next to your gate can (if you are me) make all the aforementioned worth it because now there is extra time to enjoy a soy milk latte and Mediterranean veggie wrap.

I had forgotten how much I like Au Bon Pain. Mmmm… Fetta and hummus.