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What a day. Short entry for now. Today has been a whirlwind of new media. Specifically, this morning was a networking session for sharing new media content information, this afternoon I took the International Year of Astronomy website live (but the DNS went bonk, so it went live with an error code – The link is www.astronomy2009.us, and when it gives you the error message, click on “Home.” Please don’t bookmark  the crazy gridserver URL at the top – that will eventually go away). I’ve been working on building this site for a couple weeks, and it was sort of like very publicly birth a child that you are very afraid is going to come out with pokadots. All went well. It still needs a ton of content, but we’re hoping to get that content later this week. This evening is going to be more new media discussions with others. I’ll hopefully get to write more later.

And, I’d love it if you guys checked out the IYA forums and gave us your content ideas 🙂