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iphone.jpgI know this isn’t a tech blog, but there are a few things I need to get off my chest. I just bought my first iPhone and tried very hard to push its little limits and was a bit saddened by how little it pushed back.

Sadness 1 – The Browser: As some background, I got the iPhone because I learned that using my Razr as a modem is effective but expensive. I wanted to be able to check email, hop online to read google reader, and minor stuff like that and not pay $40/month or more. The iPhones date package is $20/month and I’ve had AT&T as my service provider for 5 years, so… This made sense. Then I tried to email someone through the Facebook inbox. No can do. Writing the message was easy easy easy (in a one fingered pecking at the keyboard kind of way). Then I clicked “send” and NOTHING happened. This is because facebook pops up little graphical confirmation boxes that iPhone apparently doesn’t know how to cope with. I didn’t even get an attempt to reload the page that I could identify. Then I tried responding to someone’s friend request – again it failed to know how to cope with the graphical popup thingy, and nothing really happened.


Then I tried logging onto MySpace. For some reason the delete button acted really funny on the login text box. I’d press it once, and it would then act like it was stuck and delete each character one bye one. This was a bit frustrating.

Ok, now for…

Sadness 2 – no offline add ons: As near as I can google, there aren’t any offline widgets / applications for the iPhone at this time. I was trying to find a good version of spider solitaire or reversi or tetris or something. Maybe even some planetarium software. Nope – There are plenty of games but one must play them online.

Sadness 3 – The (lack of) calculator: I’m an HP kind of girl. Reverse polish does it for me and I dearly miss my giant graphing scientific calculator (The one I had for all of college broke, and its replacement was stolen off my desk a week after I bought it).

So, the first thing I tried on the iPhone was the calculator. It is a very pithy 4-function interface. No trig functions, no log button, not even a 1/x. Just + – * /.

Sadness 4 – The ring tones: All I want is a ring tone that sounds like an honest to goodness ring. I occasionally hear people’s phones that are amazing and polyphonic and sound like a good old fashioned analogue ring. With the iPhone, I can get anything in iTunes as a ringtone, but I can’t find a ring. And it didn’t come with one either. Hopefully, some company will start loading iTunes with rings. Maybe?

But, I won’t say I have buyers remorse. Today I was shopping for tiles and other stuff for my burnt bathroom and my husband and I were able to take quick images potential purchases (and their price tags) and to google the more expensive items to see if the stores were trying to take us for a ride. Google Maps was all I could ever have hoped for on an iPhone, and the contacts are very nice.

Luckily, all the things that are making me sad are things that can be fixed in future firm ware versions and with new additions to iTunes. Hopefully, better things are in the future for iPhone.