The Carnival Returns

Posted By Pamela on Sep 28, 2007 | 2 comments

I temporarily lost all track of day’s of the week, and thus of the Space Carnival.

Well, today I caught up with the carnival and had a happy  time exploring the neat new articles.

Hopefully, next week I’ll remember to submit my own adventure 🙂


  1. Hi Dr. Pamela,
    I don’t really understand 99.99% of your blog, but I find it interesting to read. I have no idea if you’ll answer me but what the heck…
    Two questions:
    1) I’m a new Mom to 2 25-month old twin girls (just adopted them from China). They are awesome. They seem to have a phenomenal interest…kinda bizarre…in stars and the moon and the sky etc. I have NO idea how to get the family involved in star-watching/gazing/etc. Do you have any advice? We really don’t have any resources in our little NC town. Love to hear your ideas, please…..
    2) Secondly, does the concept of infinity bother you? I’m not kidding….I really am interested….Does it bother you? The thought that stars go on and on and on and on….How do you really get your head around that? For my entire life, I have found it simply astounding and then when I learned about PI and other numerical infinity series etc in school, it just all added up to more “bothersome” feelings….How do you personally reconcile it?

    Thanks for even thinking of entertaining my questions. I appreciate it!

    -CindyW from NC

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Small children are often extremely interested in the sky and animals – This is their environment, and it changes in fascinating ways they don’t have the tools to understand – this makes it magical!

    You should definitely encourage this. Many community centers or science centers will have story telling time, star parties, and children’s science. You should look for these programs and get take your kids to get involved. I have to admit that I don’t know much about what’s in NC. Your local astronomy club may be your best contact point for learning what is local to you.


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