Mt Palomar and San Diego Fires

Posted By Pamela on Oct 23, 2007 | 5 comments

N.B. I just checked the Palomar Observatory website. They simply say the observatory is closed due to fire. I tried accessing the Hale webcam and my connection timed out.

Nothing good comes from a firestorm. Perhaps this one will at least spare the telescopes.


  1. I hope your telescopes stay safe. We lost our Mt Stromlo scopes in our 2003 bush fires here in Canberra, Australia.

  2. It’s pretty sketchy here in SD. Palomar is the safest place to be up in that mountain though, there are plenty of fire breaks and water, but the fires are roaring up that hill. Another favorite place of mine, the Observer’s Inn, a bed and breakfast with 3 telescopes, is also in danger. Wish us luck out here.

  3. Yeah, really. That would be a tremendous loss.

  4. The Hale webcam is back online.

  5. The observatory was considered ‘fire safe’ enough for residents of the Mt. Palomar region to be instructed to shelter there. Fortunately it appears that the fire skirted the telescope grounds to the west, as it burned northward.

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