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austin.jpgWe’ve arrived. Mostly. Fraser and I are in the warm and overcast city of Austin, drinking in a bit of atmosphere and a whole lot of TexMex. Today is a day of planning, talking, and recording. In a little while we’ll be recording an Episode of Astronomy Cast while (gasp of shock and horror) actually sitting in the same room. We’ll be using the two channel pre amp and the two microphones you wonderful readers sent me.

Starting tomorrow there will be wall to wall coverage of the AAS meeting on this site, Universe Today, Bad Astronomy and on a special Astronomy Cast Live page. On the Astronomy Cast Live page you’ll find YouTube videos, interviews, and coverage mirrored from all our feeds. Between us, hopefully no piece of news will go uncovered. We also may be able to get a couple special guest bloggers, but more on that later.

For now, I’m going to start making some phone calls and lining up plans with other people. Check back often as new content is certain to pop up several times a day.

(And that picture is the view out the hotel window – I’m switching hotels in a few hours to follow the cheap rates, but it was cool having a view of the famous Driskill hotel).