Can I Pin You?

Posted By Pamela on Jan 8, 2008 | 7 comments

schwag.jpgAAS has started and life is good. Phil, Fraser and I are moving in a happy pack and having great time. It was wonderful finally meeting Fraser face to face (check out the latest Astronomy Cast for pictures of the two of us recording). The real meeting starts about now. Rebecca is off in the main session room live blogging an exoplanets talk, and the rest of us are in the press room prepping for the first press conference.

plg_mathers.jpgLast night was reception, reception, reception, reception, and I was on a personal mission to pin people. John Mathers, yes that John Mathers (photo below from last AAS), even let me put a pin on his lapel. It was good silly fun as I went from the Educators Reception, to the Undergrads (plus their advisers) reception, to the main reception to an IYA planning meeting sorta reception sorta meeting. Pins went to everyone. I am on a personal mission pin as many people as possible. It’s a good way too meet folks, and hopefully they’ll remember and let me (or Fraser or Rebecca) interview them latter.

So, in addition to pinning everyone, (Really – If I sold pins for $1 + self addressed stamped envelope, would you bite? I can also make them for StarStryder with my avatar), we do have more serious plans. Phil, Fraser, Rebecca, Jordan Raddick of Galaxy Zoo fame, and myself will all be contributing to the Astronomy Cast LIVE, as well as on our personal blogs. We will have some audio, YouTube videos, and you are encouraged to add our little RSS feed that will be going crazy over the next few days. In same cases you’ll see 5 voices reporting different angles of the same content, but mostly we’re going to try and spread ourselves out and cover as much as we can as well as we can.

I hope you’ll all come along for the ride!


  1. Where do I send the $1 and SASE for the pen?

  2. The link to Astronomy Cast Live is incorrect in this blog entry.

  3. I’d be more likely to bite at $2 via PayPal without the SASE. I’m horrible about dealing with physical envelopes and stamps. 🙂 Or I could send $4 via PayPal and that’d pay for the box of envelopes at the drug store!

  4. Okay – As soon as I get back to Edwardsville, I’ll get pins together, take up MHA on his box of envelopes, and start putting together fun sillliness. I think I also need to get a post office box so hold that thought. Next week info on pins shall be posted 🙂

    Cheers – Pamela

  5. Hey I’d bite… but maybe… euhm we can arrange that once BSG S3 comes out so shipping will be free 😉

  6. Ah! Jordon is there! PING!

    I need to follow up on something he gave me at the AAVSO Annual Meeting in November. Thanks!

  7. Where do I sign up? I’d love to have one!

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