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The crash after a conference is something that always surprises me. All of last week was a rush of meeting, greeting, blogging, talking, and planning a bright new scientific and new media future. In the company of colleagues like Fraser, Phil, Chris, Doug, and Lars, it is possible to imagine a world in which everyone regularly has astronomy inflicted on their digital lives on a regular basis. IYA anyone? In 2009, we will invade. The reconnaissance troops have already been sent in.

It is a brave new world, and the stars will shine brightly in the Internet.

It is hard to maintain momentum as we each return to our own separate homes that are spread a quarter globe apart. Today for me was all about the minutia – writing a syllabus for the classes that start tomorrow, cleaning my desk, checking on paperwork, setting up appointments to meet with my advisees (hmmm, I missed one…), and just trying to get our weekly Astronomy Cast show edited and up (when Fraser and I are bad and record on Monday’s, I edit the audio. If it sounds bad, blame me and Fraser’s mic).

But the momentum of the conference will be maintained. If all goes well, I’ll have some great news to share in a couple months, and I’ll get to travel more while living in my mid-western home while playing online even more than I do today.

But first I’ve got to get through this week! Still on the “to do” list is some audio to edit from the meeting. Expect to hear a chat I had with Chis and Jordan popping up by Wednesday.

Since our Astronomy Cast Live AAS coverage was paid for through an NSF grant, I really want to do the evaluation right. Any comments – good, bad, and ugly, but all constructive – would be greatly appreciated! Can you please drop me an email? You know the addy. Just add my first name in front of @starstryder.com.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get my nose down in SDSS sky server, and I’ll report on some great tools for finding fantastic data and images of your favorite none moving targets.