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braunysnowman.jpgThere is something magical about snow days that never goes away. Thursday afternoon, as the flakes fell the faculty gathered in giddy anticipation of a possible day of freedom. Everyone prognosticated on the possible time the call would come. Would evening classes be closed? Would we miss out morning meetings? For me, it wasn’t as fun to think about – I don’t teach on Friday’s and tend to work from home – but still, there is something magical in a snow day.

There are some universities that pride themselves on never closing. At MSU, classes met despite blizzards, white out conditions, -40 C / -40 F cold, and every other possible winter calamity. Only when the thermometer dipped below -70 F / -57 C did the doors close and were all students instructed to stay in our dorms. At Harvard, Nor’easters were generally no reason for no classes. When the sky dumped 20+ inches over night, only then did we get to stay home.

SIUE is wiser. Our students generally commute to campus, often 30-60 minutes per direction.

At 5:11am Friday I got email (the time stamp reported), telling me campus was closed. By 5:40 the faculty phone tree reached my voicemail, giving me a different digital form of the message.img_1991.JPG

My husband (who also works from home), and I spent the day ignoring our snow filled driveway, inside and mostly warm watching the pretty weather.

Today we played in the snow. A snow man was built. The frisbee was thrown for the dog. Much fun was had by all.

Some work was accomplished. The first round of Astronomy Cast buttons were sent out. Some email was successfully plowed through.  Mostly, we just enjoyed the white stuff.

Woot for happy dogs in snow.