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Astronomy content will follow (after I finish email and grading).

Never in my adult life have I known of a politician who inspired people to hope, to believe in themselves, and to step beyond the land of what is expected into the world of what is dreamed.

It seems, that politician may now exist.

According to MSNBC, the video below was inspired, not commissioned, and the campaign has not contacted the artist.

As Doonsbury says, Obama may be the next Kennedy.


  1. In Brooklyn Dems are breaking by gender: women Hillary, men Obama.

  2. Jes, Ni Povas!

    I wish Tuesday I’d had time to make up a t-shirt before I’d gone down to Ithaca Obama HQ:

    for Obama!!

    Now THERES a voting block that will put him over the top!! šŸ™‚

  3. Well, not to be a party pooper, but can anyone name a single substantive policy position of his? So far, he seems to be all about charisma rather than substance.

    I would love to beleive his talk about ending partisan divisions, but sadly, most of the time “ending partisan divisions” means “bullying the other side into thinking like us”.

  4. I have to admit that I feel Obama is way under qualified. That said, I’m really really impressed with his ability to inspire. As always, what will matter in the end is the council he keeps. If he can find good, experienced advisor’s and a strong VP (or be the VP candidate, although I hate the image a Clinton Dynasty sends to the rest of the world…), I think this could be a change for the best.

  5. Well, I’m in Pennsylvania and I figured we’d not get a say in this. But our primary is in late April. I’ve promised my kids that we’ll go see both of them when they come to town as they probably will. I could vote for either of them, but I’d feel better with someone who could show me that he knows that having hope and getting things accomplished are two different things.

    But if Obama were elected, it would show the world we were changing our leader.

  6. My problem with Clinton is how Bill has been acting the last couple of weeks. If she needs him to defend ‘her honor’ then she is either not qualified or he has not figured out he is not running she is. In either case this is problem that could get worse.

    BTW I did in the end vote for her.

  7. John M puts his finger squarely on the issue: inexperience. And the ability to inspire is really little more than the ability to sway the voters by appealing to emotion. I’m not really impressed with any of them (including the several who dropped out), but the thought of either Hillary or Obama in the White House is troublesome (Hillary worked with Saul Alinsky, and Obama worked with his group; both are convinced that we should give socialism yet another try). And if Hillary gets in, Bill will be back in the saddle again (does anybody really think he’d ingore the pull of power and just sit back reading foreign policy journals?).

    But Obama isn’t alone in this new genre of campaign cmmercial:

    Hillary and the Band

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