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Want to read about something other than LPSC? Check out this weeks Space Carnival at Observations from Missy’s Window.

My brain is full. I’m really not sure how I’ve taken as many notes this week as I have. If you ever need a crash course in Planetary Science, go to LPSC. I’ve learned more new vocabulary words this week than in the past year, and more science than in the past few months since the American Astronomical Society Meeting. It has been an amazing experience.

Word of the Day: Eolian

Just a reminder that I will be at Scobee Planetarium Saturday night. This is a public star party, and it is your opportunity to  pick my brain in the presence of telescopes.

I have come to the conclusion that 15 minutes is the perfect length for a conference talk. It allows a lot of stuff to be presented in just the right amount of detail to let you understand where the results came from, but not in so much detail that you have no reason to read the conference paper. 4 parallel sessions is also awesome – choices, but not too many. Now, if only there was power outlets everywhere …

We still one more event tonight, and I have a few pages of content on Mars Fluvial systems. (Fluvial is a fancy word for water.)