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There is a small storm of activity going on in my house. The majority of this storm is attic remodeling. The more interesting part of this storm is my preparation to go to Europe (which is one way to escape the sound of nail guns).

This Friday I’ll be flying from St Louis to Munich (via Chicago and London), where I’ll be visiting ESA/ESO’s press office and working on some IYA planning. Tuesday evening I’ll be hopping over to London and a bus ride to Oxford, where I’ll be visiting Chris Lintott and giving a talk on IYA (do you see a theme here?), and then Thursday (via Greenwich Obs), I’m on my way to a meeting of the BAA and AAVSO in Cambridge. Sunday will be a tour of Avsbury and Stonehedge, and then I’m on my way home on Monday.

I’m already tired.

I’ll be blogging as much of my trip as I can.

Are you in England? Do you want to introduce me to a Royal Pint? I’m planning to camp out at a pub in Cambridge next Friday, April 11. I’ll announce which pub as soon as I know.

I think I need to do some laundry…