Munich Day 2: Walking. A Lot.

Posted By Pamela on Apr 6, 2008 | 8 comments

Today I walked.

A lot.

Click to down load this image big (much credit to Google Maps).

The green line is my path.


I also so a crazy person. The video below is one I took of someone surfing a flooding canal. He kept doing this – everytime he fell, he’s get back on his board. It was very weird.

I’ll try and upload a video, but YouTube from my hotel room is not a happy website.


  1. What a walk! And it’s amazing you can map that out and post it. Get some sleep.

  2. That’s a reaaaaally long walk. I would have been really tired even 25% of the way.

  3. Munich is great for walking though. It was my destination the first time I ever travelled outside the US. Say hello to the Marienplatz, and have some Weiss sausage for me.

  4. Hi Dr. Gay!
    I’m a lit professor but astronomy is my “second calling.”I just wanted to say how much I enjoy Astronomy Cast.I drive about an hour to work each day (yeah, don’t ask about my carbon footprint), and the podcasts have been great company.


  5. How Crazy Are You?? 🙂

    Scale! What’s the scale on the map, Pamela? How completely crazy were you? Was the walk 5km or 25km??

    Yes, I’m being a nudge. 🙂

  6. Hi Pamela,

    I really like Astronomy Cast and hope you’re enjoying/have enjoyed my adopted home town of Munich!

    That’s quite an impressive walk you did. I like to do a similar, shorter, one that starts at the Deutsche Museum instead of Marienplatz, goes up the river and ends up at the Biergarten in the English Garden! 🙂

    Surfers are a common sight at that spot when the weather (and water) gets warmer.

    Have a good trip,

  7. Hi Dr. Gay,

    Your walk seems similar to the walk I took in Munchen, and I remember that being a loooooonnngggg day. It’s a beautiful city, though. Did you have time for any of the beer halls?

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