Home Safe, all tech dead

Posted By Pamela on Apr 15, 2008 | 6 comments

I’m blogging from my iPhone.

I’m home safe, and my husband and my cellular wireless card are in California on a business trip.

My cable, Internet, and telephone are all dead. There is, after much anxious waiting, someone here. Unfortunately, the problem is between neighbors pole and our house and the line has to be replaced.

While waiting for the cable guy, I tried vacuuming. The vacuum died too in sympathy. I tried to watched recorded TV on the media center. It decided only safe mode exists. I’ve decided to simply stare suspiously at all other tech.

So I’m home, and my iPhone and I are well.


  1. This is when you take a nap, take a walk, sit outside and listen to the birds, or do similar low-tech or no-tech things. Hopefully you won’t see my comment for a few hours.

  2. Glad to hear you made it back ok.

    When all my tech stuff goes out I usually get the feeling I’m all helpless and alone.

    I usually grab a book (tech related most of the time) and read… to pass time.

  3. Spring is springing. Go outside! Glad you’re back safely!

  4. I hope your Mac laptops are OK!
    I can imagine the isolation and feelings of helplessness!
    This too shall pass, I suppose. I’m doing my quarterly IRS reports & Virginia sales taxes. Poring over bank records is a serious bummer… I promise I’ll get back to work on graphics soon, really!
    Glad you’re back OK. How was the pub!

  5. Welcome home! Good luck with all that rebellious technology! Of course if you can read this, some of it must be behaving…. 🙂

    This has been an interesting series and thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    John B. Sandlin

  6. A good reason not to have a single vendor for TV, WIFI, and telephone. Me, I do my WIFI off of neighbors.

    Welcome back.

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