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So, I seemingly dropped off the planet this week prepping for next week’s AAS/ASP/IYA meeting in St Louis, MO. Sadly, Fraser had something come up and won’t be able to make it, but Phil, Chris, and Universe Today writer Nancy Atkinson will be taking the meeting by storm.

Here is a plan of events. All will be going up on Astronomy Cast Live!

Saturday, Noon to 4pm: AstroZone Can’t come? Join us on UStream! We will be UStreaming various events. I’ll announce everything when we go live on my twitter account (see box at right)

Sunday, 1:45-5:15: A User’s Guide for Plugging into the New Media Community for IYA

Monday, (9:30, 11:30) Press Conferences (I’ll try to have someone stream over UStream all press conferences so you can ask questions too)

Monday, All Day, Various IYA sessions to be blogged on IYA and Astronomy Cast Live by Georgia Bracey

Monday, 12:45pm, NASA Townhall. I’ll do my normal coverage of Griffin.

Monday, 2pm-3:30pm, Special Session on New Media (I’ll try to UStream this as well

Monday, Public Lecture by Dana Sobel (will text blog)

There are also a series of invited talks we will try to cover, and Preston Gibson (Astronomy Casts new producer) will be doing video interviews. At the end of the Monday, I’ll let you know Tuesday’s plans. This is going to be a busy American Astronomical Society / Astronomical Society of the Pacific Meeting