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Welcome to day 1 of the American Astronomical Society Meeting in St Louis, MO. It’s 7am, and the day is about to begin, but before I go off and hang posters I want to give you a heads up on today’s events.

Over on Astronomy Cast Live a whole cast of characters are covering this meeting in all manner of ways. Here are a couple highlights:

  • 11:30 Central Time is the IYA Plenary sessions announcing our US programs
  • 12:45 Central Time NASA town hall meeting (Don’t know if it’s Griffin or  not)
  • 2:00 Central Time New Media Special Session, which we will UStream
  • Press Conferences: 9:30, 11:30 (We will try and UStream these, but I’m not sure we’ll have enough internet)

In addition, we’d like feed back on how we’re doing. If you have a chance, can you please go to this form and give us feedback?