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Ecuador, J-L.GonterreUp until a moment ago, my husband and I were laying in bed listening to the BBC. This all ended when they went into a story on the International Year of the Potato and he went into a laughing fit at the silliness of the Year of the Potato concept. (Image Credit: Ecuador, J-L.Gonterre)

All I could think was, somewhere in the world, there is a team of people who worked to plan the International Year of the Potato just as hard as the team working to plan the 2009 Year of Astronomy.

And somewhere in 2009, some husband is going to hear something about IYA2009 on the BBC and will die laughing.

My husband was just clobbered with a pillow. May that future laughing man share my husband’s fate!

Sure, potatoes don’t have the cool imagery and ability to inspire that astronomy has, but they have the ability to end (or in Ireland cause) famine. So, all you folks supporting IYA2009, I want you to take a moment to consider the potato and have an International Year of the Potato moment.