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Summer “vacation” is turning into a busy series of talks and conferences.

Luckily, I’m not the only one doing all the talking.

On Monday June 30, Chris Lintott, the man behind Galaxy Zoo’s ongoing goodness, will be visiting me here in Edwardsville so we can work on some plans for IYA. (Image above of Chris and I at the end of a very long but good day at AAS. And yes, I’m just that short.)

As part of his visit, he will be giving a public talk here at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. (See graphic below) His talk will be at 7pm on June 30 in the Meridian Ballroom of the Morris University Center. Campus maps are here, and directions to campus are here. If you have ever wanted an excuse to drive to Edwardsville, let this be your excuse.

Following the talk, Chris and I will be hanging out at the Starbuck’s in the University Center. I would be giddily happy if you could join us for both the talk and to hang out with caffeine afterward.

See you there?