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Posted By Pamela on Nov 13, 2008 | 10 comments

Things are flying into high gear. It is T-48 days and counting until New Year’s 2009 rings in the International Year of Astronomy. As we gear up for launch, many of us are beginning to flitter about the planet doing last minute face-to-face intense collaborations. I’m one of those people who get’s to fly and tomorrow I’m on my way via the UK to Munich for a week to work with Lars Lindberg Christensen and Lars Holm Nielsen on the Portal to the Universe. On my way home (again through the UK), I’ll be pausing a bit to take in the sites, including a pub in London. If you are in the UK (or plan to be), I cordially invite you to join me and my collaborator Chris Lintott at Mabel’s Tavern on Sunday November 23 from 2-5pm.

And just a reminder – GO REGISTER FOR PORTAL TO THE UNIVERSE pretty pretty please. Please?

I hope I’ll see you in London!


  1. Sorry Pam, I would love to be there but unfortunately I am working. (Cue lots of harsh language, including rude words…) Anyway, I hope you have a great time, and I hope to be available for your next visit!

  2. Hi, you don’t know us but my wife and I are big fans and if the invitation for a pint in London is an open one. (it appears that way) Then we hope to say a quick hi on Sunday.
    Roger and Izabella

  3. All are certainly welcome! It will be wonderful to meet the two of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Pamela.. I have written a couple of appreciative notes to your link on the Astronomy Cast and had acknowledgement from Fraser. Thanks for that.

    I am moved to write to you ‘individually’ just to express my thanks for your podcasts over the last year.

    I originally loaded the first ones in an attempt to marry my scant understanding of Physics and the piecemeal but wonder – filled knowledge imparted by my dad in my childhood as we walked in the unpolluted, star filled skies of Western Scotland.

    We walked in the evenings and I was presented with the reality of our Galaxy on it’s edge (The Milky Way was easily visible), Aurora Borealis and meteor showers..

    In adulthood, I was able to junk the self perpetuated myth I had carried about ‘Not being good at maths’ and started getting really interested in Quantum Theory. I began a blog

    http://athomium. blogspot. com/

    gently linking my understandings with the little coincidences we experience daily.

    As the year unfolded, yours, Penn Gillette’s and the Scepticality crew’s pods became more and more helpful.

    Yours is a special talent. The combination of quiet, systematic information delivery and the lovely quality of your voice are a winning combination indeed. I have no doubt that I am not the first to note that it is rare to encounter someone so obviously well suited to education.

    Just by the way, are you familiar with the name Archie Roy? He visited our home in the 70’s and I was impressed by his self proclaimed job title, ‘Stellar Mechanic’! He was at pains to explain that he was no good at arithmetic but he was busy building what I now realise may have been an early Neutrino detector attempt in Scotland. He went on to write horror fiction and my father featured in one of his books!

    With thanks for your unsuspecting support in what has been a very difficult time.

    Ps. If you have already received the gist of this, please forgive me. I was not sure which address to use?

  5. I am aiming to get there for a pint and say hi to Pamela.

    I note that it is a Shepherd Neame pub.In my beer drinking youth I visited Faversham, Kent where the Brewery is located to have a pint in every one of the 17 pubs in the town. I remember it well as there was a spectacular lunar eclipse that night and I stood on the platform waiting for the last train repeatedly telling all the other passengers – ‘Look at that lunar eclipshhe – its fantashhtic’ No wonder they shuffled away from me!!!

    Promise not to get p*ssed this time!


  6. Hoping to make it to the pub-meet, although I’m just a regular astronomy cast listener. I’d love to get a chance to meet you and say hi + thanks for all your work on the show in person ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hello Pamela

    I have been a regular listener to the show for quite a while now and have played all of them, usually on long car journeys.

    Hopefully a few of my fellow Astronomy Club Members and myself will be able to meet you next week. It will be nice to meet Chris again as well.

    Hopefully you will be somewhere obvious in the pub!



  8. I hope to be able to come, too. Beer and astronomers – what could be better?

    Andrew – it should be easy, Pamela will be the one in front of the blackboard.

  9. I love Astronomy Cast, been a real inspiration to me over the last few years so will deffinatly be going down to say hi ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Hi once again Pamela & Kahl.

    It was great to meet you both with Chris Lintott and I know thast
    both Andrew and myself had a very enjoyable and interesting meet
    with yourselves.

    When both you and chris were surrounded, likkle old me, was able
    to talk at length to Kahl about other interesting matters, including some variations in the (English-American/Canadian) language, which was somewhat amusing.

    Will deffinately (in due course) be listening to the Podcasts.

    Also to everyone who came along and talked to us or otherwise- thanks.

    Thanks once again to yourselves and Chris for taking the time for
    us and I trust you will have a good tour to Munich and beyond.

    Many Regards
    To All

    Terry Jacobs
    Castle Point Astronomy Club

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