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Pamela and Nate Lanxon of CNET

Pamela and Nate Lanxon of CNET

Earlier this week I had the amazing chance to spend some time over at CNET’s UK facilities in London. Nate Lanxon, one of their writers a co-host of the Crave Podcast, had previously written a really good review that mentioned Astronomy Cast, and as a result he and I got to emailing, and he even invited me to be in this week’s podcast (squee!)

So, just for some context, I don’t buy electronics without consulting CNET. I have randomly listened to their podcasts and watched their videos. I am all around in awe that they have grown to be one of the internet success stories.

Visiting their facilities was amazing. They are just what you might imagine an creative young internet country should look like. Everything was completely open with people working on rows of cluttered tabled that had toys, papers, and technology scattered everywhere. It was decorated in some crazy combination of Toy Store and ultra-modern. Underneath a metal and glass stair well was a bin a brightly colored plastic balls deep enough to drown in. The exposed metal beams were stenciled in division names and the walls were decorated with brightly colored light boxes. Their studios were nicely set up and completely friendly. Not as posh as the WBUR stations in Boston, but they were comfy and everything worked in a hype and friendly “This Is New Media” kind of way.

Anyway, it was wonderful 🙂 Check it out here.