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Posted By Pamela on Apr 20, 2009 | 67 comments

So, I’m trying really hard to put together a list of twitter users who talk about astronomy on a regular basis. I’m doing this as part of a general report on New Media for the Decadal Survey. This is a list of everyone from folks who promote their local club, to people who actively share their favorite astronomy articles, to missions that update the public on their activities via twitter, to bloggers who use twitter to promote their astronomy websites, and to astronomers who periodically w00t about their latest discovery. Is this you? If it is, can you look at this list and let me know if I have found you? (And did I find anyone who doesn’t really communicate astronomy?) Direct tweet or comment any requested changes.

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  1. You don’t have me — although I’ve been following you almost since the beginning. I tweet most often as spacewriter

  2. I’m not on your list. @salottimc – I mainly write about astronomy and nature.

  3. @AdrianusV. Oeps, I’m writing about astronomy in Dutch.

  4. @wjhudson – me
    @askyfullofstars – Rob Keown & Tavianne Greiner
    @glxp – Google Lunar X Prize

  5. @keownrwk

    Rob Keown

  6. Thanks for including me! Also look for @privong who is another astronomy grad student at UVa.

  7. Hi there!

    I’m the Society for Popular Astronomy’s Junior Representative and I often tweet about astronomy and space. I’d be very thankful if you could include me.

    Clear skies & kind regards,



  8. Do you twitter, Pamela?

  9. We’ve just started tweeting to promote our public outreach events here in New York City. @ColumbiaAstro

  10. Yes, by all means include @spacewriter , CC Peterson!
    @RandomSpaceFact / Bruce Betts
    @BANews / Phil Plait
    @rjp0i / Ricky Patterson
    @neiltyson / Neil deGrasse Tyson
    @astrofizz / Mark Adams
    @AeroTweets / Aerospace tweeters!!
    @astroNRAO / NRAO
    and last but not least:
    @fcain / Fraser Cain

  11. Please include
    @astronomy_PARI We tweet our school events and public outreach events. We plan to include more in the future.

  12. You can put me on the list @AstronomyAGoGo / Alice Few for observing updates the club twitter is coming soon will be @TAS_online / TAS News


  13. I twitter on occasion @AstroBioProf

  14. Heh… Room for one more?

    …Also, I think you’ve missed out Ian O’Neil @astroengine and Anne Minard @anneminard
    @universetoday also has a twitter feed.

    Pretty sure there are a couple of others too…

  15. @chanley

  16. I an an astronomical author and tweet irregularly on astronomical matters (and a variety of other topics) as

  17. Here are some I follow…

    Grand Rapids Michigan club – @GR_Astronomy
    Kalamazoo Michigan club – @kzooastro
    Warren Michigan club – @warrenastro
    Chaffee Planetarium (Michigan) – @RBCPlanetarium
    Rickey Ainsworth (Director, Chaffee Planetarium – @rickeyainsworth

  18. Oh yeah..

    If you go to you can see everyone who has signed up there who tweets about astronomy. It’s quote a list.

  19. @bnwilliams

    It’s not an astronomy exclusive micro blog, but i do make astronomy related posts.


  20. I tweet about Astronomy and various other science related awesomeness… But not exclusively by any means. And I also talk a lot of rubbish, so, I probably don’t belong on the list! But you’ve given me a great selection of new, exciting twitterers to follow! I didn’t realise @TaviGreiner ran @ASkyFullOfStars two awesome astronomy tweeters!

  21. @astrosetz

    We are amateur astronomers who Tweet astronomy from time to time šŸ™‚

  22. Also:
    Year of Astronomy UK: @astronomy2009uk
    Jodrell Bank: @jodrellbank
    ESA Planck: @Planck
    National Space Centre: @spacecentre
    Starlight: @Starlightnews
    We Are Astronomers: @WeAreAstronomer
    ESA Herschel: @ESAHerschel

  23. Reading through what you have, I see most of what I subscribe to. But here’s one I didn’t see on your list…


  24. What a great idea! Some more names to add … – @SpaceAvian – @SGAC – @cosmosreview – @astrobeck – @astrodavid – @galileoproject – @NightSkyGuy – @Astro_Mike – @UniGalactic – @beccasetz – @GeorgiaBracey – @MDBenson – @aggieastronaut – @WomenPlanetSci

  25. Two important astronomy people who are flying under the radar. @nanila @romeoch šŸ™‚

  26. Whoops, forgot @blissli -european amateur stargazer šŸ™‚

  27. We tweet the activities in our astronomy department (mostly local stuff with occasional news articles or retweets)


  28. Thanks for compiling the list. I run “Weasner’s Mighty ETX Site” (and have since 1996). I just recently got on Twitter @mweasner.

  29. Hi Pamela,

    You missed me. šŸ˜‰


    Take care.


  30. @howellspace? šŸ™‚ Thanks.

  31. Hi Pamela, great idea to put everyone in one place! Could you add me? I just started tweeting a few weeks ago:



  32. @SpaceVidCast

  33. 1.@Astrogeek, thanks for the recommend.

    2.@Starstryder, there’s a whole list of tweeters that determine and tweet when the International Space Station (ISS), Hubble, Envisat and other interesting objects will be visible in relevant locations.

    Includes Twitter feeds from @Aix to @Winnipeg with plenty of others in between.

    There’s also @abovelondon and @abovesf and @SpaceFoundation (formerly @NSS09)

  34. I forgot one:


  35. @stellarflare

    Thank you


  36. @LunarPioneer , when you have the chance, I’d honored to be such company, and can help compile for you, should you like some help.

    Joel Raupe
    Lunar Pioneer, LLP

  37. @genejm29 – Usually cover astronomy issues and space exploration.

  38. Is that your voice doing the intro on 365 Days of Astronomy about the sponsor,The American Association of Variable Stars???

  39. Hi,

    I’m Barney Rowe, a Postdoc Astronomer in Paris


  40. @unawe


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