AAS DC: AstroZone & upcoming AAS coverage

Posted By Pamela on Jan 2, 2010 | 4 comments

AAS 2010: Washington DCTomorrow (well, technically today), I’m going to be at the National Zoo in Washington DC doing outreach to animals in Amazonia (and hopefully to a few humans too – This could include you!)

If you’re in DC, come on by! Activities start at noon, and details can be found on the AstroZone website.

Now, for all of you cursing me for not giving you enough warning (and I do deserve it), you’re going to have a few more chances to consume astronomy at this meeting that anyone can attend for free (and in some cases online!)

On Monday night, at 6:30pm, Brian B. Schwartz will be talking on Science as Performance.

Wednesday night there will be a Tweetup / Meetup at a location to be announced.

And online we will have a slew of events on Second Life (public events, press conferences) and on UStream.tv (public events, press conferences, and random reporting). A complete detail list of events can be found here on Astrosphere.org/events

Will I see you online or in person?


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