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I stumbled across a piece of beauty today…

the universe, being relatively small,
can’t seem to contain all my ideas,

often, I think it’s far too small to fit both of us

what we need is a multiverse
full of quantum possibility

and unloaded dice
with infinite sides
ready to be rolled

what we need is myriad universei ready to grow
or shrink to fill the needs of the people
(no matter how small and petty they are)

i like you quite a bit,
so maybe we can have abutting universes
with similar laws
of gravity.

I’d like to be close enough to drop by
for cribbage and tea
but far enough to keep the boundaries straight

work with me here,
it’s not easy being God.

Stephan Anstey

I have always been fascinated by the idea of multiverses. So many scientists invoke them as a way to explain how we live in such a fine tuned universe; sometimes invoking them as an argument for atheism. I adore the imagery of this work where our universe is just the sandbox of a single God reaching out to another and saying “I like you.”

It is a poem. It is its own truth that may be offensive to all but still beautiful at the same time.

I hope, no matter how else you may respond to this piece, that it makes you think about the universe for just a moment.

[image credit: BellaCielo]