So it is premier week and my husband’s Window’s Media Center (his, not mine), is jubilantly happy at all the new material it has to record. We just finished watching the first new episode of one of our favorite shows, Heroes (no spoilers ahead), and I have to say that this voice in the back of my head keeps yelling – Where’d all the energy come from? – every time someone does something extraordinary. I...

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The Universe tours the solar system

Posted By on Sep 17, 2007

It’s time to leave the Universe behind. The History Channel’s the Universe series is out of new episodes, and their sponsorship is about to drop off this blog and Astronomy Cast. If the Universe was your favorite space series of all time, have no fear, it will be showing in reruns, and you can purchase the complete series on DVD. Looking over the past summer’s series, we can see 13 episodes laid on in a steady march...

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“The Universe” on TV

Posted By on May 29, 2007

theuniverse.JPGA new player has emerged on the science special scene. The History Channel is premiering “The Universe” tonight. You can watch “The Universe” Tuesdays at 8pm/9c. The first episode is on “The Sun.” Here is what they plan to talk about:

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