ASP – EPO, post defacto blogging

Posted By on Sep 11, 2007

I admit it, I found my wall. Sometime Friday afternoon the part of my brain capable of writing and (somewhat more importantly) filtering the majority of the silly thoughts in my head from coming out my mouth turned off. As Saturday came on the heels of 5 hours of sleep, and crawled across 18 hours of work and travel, progressively more part of my brain continued to shut off. On Sunday, I was a puddle of brainless mush, and I...

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So, it’s 11:49pm and I’m sitting in a live recording of Wing’in It podcast blogging while others record. I’ve generally behaved very atypically at this meeting and not gone absolutely everywhere with my laptop. This means I haven’t been able to blog from absolutely everywhere. It also means that rather then simply letting events go in my eyes and out my fingers like a good journalist, I’ve instead...

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Dragon*Con: Day 1

Posted By on Sep 1, 2007

I made it to Dragon*Con (Woot!) The con is spread out across 3 hotels with the Space, Science, and Podcasting tracks (and me) in the Hilton, and the check in in the Hyatt with the Marriott in between. Being a bit sleepy (I was up until terrible hours the past two nights working on academic presentation posters for the EPO conference next week), I stupidly thought we (and the tracks) were staying in the Hyatt. I was wrong. So our first...

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Dragon*Con, ASP, and Chaos

Posted By on Aug 28, 2007

This is turning into one of those weeks. I’m in the midst of frantically trying to get ready to attend the ASP’s EPO Conference next week, and I’m trying to look forward to going to Dragon*Con this weekend, but life just keeps getting into the way. While I generally try to leave my personal life out of this blog, this one sentence description needs to be shared: My husband tried to replace a bathroom facet and...

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Let me preface this by saying I am sometimes a bit crazy. After AAPT and ASP, I decided I needed a brain break. The ASP conference ended at 3pm Sunday, and having checked out of my room at 2pm, I hatched a crazy plan to go to Disney. And I did. I rented a car from Ontario airport (Enterprise will not pick you up on Sundays if you are in Claremont, CA), drove to Disney, and by 5:30pm I was inline for Space Mountain. I stayed at the...

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Getting to Hawaii is…

Posted By on May 26, 2007

…made easier when the airline over compensates for mistakes by bumping you to first class

…made less pleasant by the lack of outlets in St Louis and LA airports

…made easier with good astronomy on the other end

…made harder by the need to prepare to present at the other end

… accomplished in one piece. I’m here. I’m in my room. I’m ready to blog. I have a meeting for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy (friend them on MySpace!) tomorrow, and a got talked into giving a talk on Sunday by a fellow EPO person I ran into on the bus from the airport to the hotel. The main event starts Sunday night.

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