Archive | September, 2008

Rethinking the Magellanic Clouds

I have to admit, there is a soft spot in my heart for conference proceedings. Once upon a time, when you wanted to quickly dive into a new area of astronomy you went to the university or observatory library and searched out the ASP or IAU conference proceedings on the topic of your passion, and […]

Writing text with my voice

I’m playing with a bit of new technology. I’ve been doing so much typing lately that my wrists started to hurt. I love to write. I needed to find a solution, so I googled. Eventually I landed on some dictation software, MacSpeech. I’m attempting to write this blog post using that new software. I’ve been […]

Talk at Michigan State tomorrow

Just a heads up on why I’ve gone quiet: Tomorrow I’m giving a talk at my alma mata, Michigan State University. I’ll be talking about the International Year of Astronomy and focusing on New Media projects. If you’re in the area and you can come, I’d love to see you Wednesday at 1:40PM in Room […]