AAS Coverage

I’m currently at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Pasadena, California. My students are livestreaming all the press conferences, and I’ll be streaming a few special events. Here is our schedule of events: Monday, June 8, 12 Noon: BLACK HOLES & PULSARS press conference Tuesday, June 9 9:00 AM: GALAXY DISCOVERIES press conference 10:30 AM: INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF ASTRONOMY UPDATE press conference (Featuring me 🙂 ) 12:40 PM: STARS & STAR CLUSTERS press conference 6:30pm PLANETARY CLASSIFICATION SPECIAL SESSION (special URL) WEDNESDAY June 10 9am GALACTIC CENTER press conference 10am NEW MEDIA SPECIAL SESSION (me again) 11:30am EXOPLANET NEWS press conference 12:30 WIDE-FIELD INFRARED SURVEY EXPLORER PREVIEW press conference THURSDAY...

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