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And on a personal note at IAU

A few random comments: We just had a brief potential moment of food and drink. People from countries derived from the UK politely attempted to line up (queue), while others, um, did not. A few lucky people got food (including cake!), wine or beer, and even juice or soda by the can. They other 1300 […]

IAU Opening Ceremony

Please don’t ask me why the opening ceremony is halfway through the second day. I do not know. What I do know is the background of the Opening Ceremony is an image of the minor planets Eris, Pluto (+Charon), Makemake, and Haumea. Anyway, today is the opening ceremony. For the first time, we seem to […]

IYA@IAU: World Reports

(Can’t find internet access that will allow me to upload photos – they will come) As an IYA organizer, one of my greatest delights has been randomly finding IYA logos in random places. My first moment of glee was at the National Maritime Museum in London where their gates were govered in IYA logos, and […]