All the news you’ll see again: Solar Atmospheric Heating, Tidal Tails, and Crab Nebula Explosion Date

Posted By Pamela on May 29, 2007 | 1 comment

Here’s highlights of the news I’ll be talking about later:

  • Scientists have (again) found new tidal streams of material around the galaxy from a previously unknown, now shredded galaxy
  • Scientists have (again) found a new explanation of how the Sun heats its chromosphere
  • Scientists have (again) dated the Crab Nebula explosion to 1054 AD
  • New results, new press conferences and press releases, and, well, the same old same old. Science moves forward in incremental steps, and sometimes things circle and circle as they slowly move forward.

    Part of moving forward is building bridges between communities, forming partnerships, and creating collaborations. As well a blogging this meeting, I’m spending a lot of time talking. I’m going to save discussing how these new results with recycled headlines move science forward until I can spend time talking in detail.

    While you wait (if you are waiting – others are blogging remotely and locally too), tune in to The Universe on the History Channel (check you local listings). As the ad in the upper right shows, I’ll be the official blogger for the series.

1 Comment

  1. I just want to say your doing a great job covering this 🙂

    PS: I don’t have the History Channel… nor Discovery for that matter and NatGeo only in the odd hours of the night… boo

    PS2: hope all this posting isn’t cutting in on your outdoor sun time (if the weather is with you – thunderstorm over here)

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