Carnival & Happy Sun Crosses Northern Tropics Day

Posted By Pamela on Jun 21, 2007 | 6 comments

I hope you are all happily enjoying the first day of the Sun shining directly over the Northern Hemisphere north of the tropic of Cancer (wheee, that’s a mouthfull!). If you are looking for a way to celebrate, let me suggest you take in the Carnival of Space over on my Astronomy Cast co-host Fraser Cain’s Universe Today.


  1. uhh… isn’t the sun crossing the equator day either in March or September?

  2. Hmmm, clearly I blogged on insufficient caffeine. Fixing…

  3. It’s funny, Phil Plait made exactly the same mistake on his blog today.

    Speaking of caffeine, I need a refill on my 52oz mug.

  4. Great minds (or at least twisted by astronomy minds) think a like?

  5. you guys are always out at night anyway, so you don’t see the sun. 🙂

  6. Why take satisfaction seeing one star when you can see billions 🙂

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