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To give you an idea of my day, I originally (thanks to not paying enough attention to spell check), named this post “Random and Incendiary Things.” I have absolutely no ideas how Phil and Fraser so gracefully balance writing, family, interviews, online activities, and their inboxes. I am in awe of their rapid fire writing! My inbox longs for someone as a responsible as them to take over its care!

Thing 1) I just finished participating in an episode of Skeptics Guide to the Universe! It was a blast. Expect to hear Fraser and I in the next episode. (You’ll love the fact or Fiction)

Thing 2) It looks like I’ll be attending, along with Rebecca, the Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference in Houston, TX in March. We’ll be there live blogging our little hearts out. Anyone going?

Thing 3) I will be giving a talk at the Kansas Heart of America Star Party on June 28. Please come!

schwag.jpgThing 4) I have Astronomy Cast pins. Some of you want Astronomy Cast pins. The best way for me to get them to you is for you to send me a self addressed stamped envelope that I can just stick the pin inside. It is the same size as a quarter and weighs less, and according to USPS a happy little 41 cent stamp will do (if you are international, it is the postage necessary to mail 6 grams + the envelope). Pins are US$1. You can either mail me a dollar or the Euro equivalent (I will only take dollars or Euros) or a U.S. check addressed to “Astrosphere New Media Association.” Alternatively, you can make me very sad, and make me address envelopes, and send me $1 for the pin and a $1.50 surcharge for the envelope and the stamp and the need to (gasp of horror) address an envelope (This means, paypal me $2.50 and know I’ll be sad). Really, please, if you like me, send me a self addressed stamp envelope 🙂 When I et your money (and your envelope, please please please) I’ll send you a pin attached to a filing card that I’ll sign and decorate with a happy little smily face. Address: Astrosphere New Media Association, PO Box 804, Edwardsville, IL 62025. All proceeds from this are going toward the formation of a new non-profit to support Astronomy Education through New Media. This fetal organization (we have an EIN, but are still working on the 501(c)3 paperwork. We hope to be delivered breathing and with out birth defects in 6 to 10 weeks) will support endeavors like Astronomy Cast (Astronomy Cast is still at SIUE, donations to it should still go there. This is new, but includes overlapping players). The straight dope: The IRS charges $750 to process 501(c)3 non-profit paperwork, and this money can’t come from donations to Astronomy Cast – those go through my University and pay to support the show (e.g. pay Rebecca’s salary, pay for travel, pay for equipment, etc… ). These pins were paid for by me, and I’ll use all the money I get from the pins to offset the scary large check I’ll be sending the IRS. If money drops from the sky, and the IRS bill gets magically paid, the money will go toward Astrosphere’s initial costs (the post office box, filing with the state, and buying a copy of Quickbooks). I don’t think you’ll buy enough pins to get through my list of things we need money for, but I believe in full disclosure. Enough said.