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I am so so annoyed at myself. I have been frantically working to find time to write between classes because I got this really really cool press release and I wanted to share its findings with you. I just about have the story done (and I’m done with students for the day, so I can think), and I just realized the story is embargoed until TOMORROW at 1pm Eastern.


So, I will go home and find something else to write about if I have time, but in the interim will ramble a bit to catch up on some comments.

1) I added “Bookmark” links to stories. You can use these to digg / stumble upon / del.io.us stories that you like. Feel encouraged to click!

2) If you want to order an Astronomy Cast pin, the US postal system will respect your foreign stamps, as long as you put on enough stamps to cover international postage

3) Steve sent me the coolest soap bubble on frozen day images. I added them to the blog post several days ago, but if you missed them, go look!

4) Did any one else catch that Bush demanded that funding for physical sciences should be doubled (WOOT – I never thought I’d agree with W!), but then demanded that no new taxes be levied? I’m not sure how both are accomplished with out killing something.

More later. More really energetic stuff tomorrow.