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NASALPIThis is going to be another crazy wonderful week on Astronomy Cast Live. Just like we covered the American Astronomical Society meeting last January, this week we will be covering BOTH the launch of STS-123 and the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, TX. Making this possible are: Scott Miller (A SIUE student I work with) who is spending his Spring Break in Florida for the launch, Rebecca Bemrose-Fetter who is spending her Spring Break in Texas at the LPSC, and of course me and Fraser. I will be in Texas at LPSC, and Fraser will be participating remotely, working to help get you wall-to-wall coverage of all that is going on Johnson Space Flight Center to Kennedy Space Flight Center.

We invite you to join us, and ask you to please announce the Astronomy Cast Live Feed on your blog if you have one. This is going to be a Spring Break AstroFest like no other. While you won’t be seeing any bikini clad astro babes, we may bring you some naked facts and uncover some planetary surfaces along the way.