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Just pulling stuff into one place. I’m just going to let the numbers speak for themselves.

From “Fighting the Gender Gap“:

  • In 1994-1995, female students typically scored 50 points lower on Physics SAT II
  • In 1994 Women typically scored 150 points lower on Physics GRE, even when comparing male and female students who otherwise perform identically academically

From Women in Physics 2005

  • In 2003, women earned 22% of the physics and 46% of the Astronomy Bachelors degrees
  • In 2003, women earned 18%  physics and 26% of astronomy PhD
  • In 2005, women made of 10% of the physics and 14% of the astronomy faculty
  • “Even when working in the same sector for the same number of years, women’s salaries are lower than men’s in physics and related fields.”
During 2003, women earned 22% of the bachelor’s degrees in
physics and 18% of the PhDs in physics—a record high (Figure 1). In astronomy in 2003,
women earned 46% of bachelor’s degrees and 26% of PhDs