Physics & Astronomy Women by the Numbers

Just pulling stuff into one place. I’m just going to let the numbers speak for themselves.

From “Fighting the Gender Gap“:

  • In 1994-1995, female students typically scored 50 points lower on Physics SAT II
  • In 1994 Women typically scored 150 points lower on Physics GRE, even when comparing male and female students who otherwise perform identically academically

From Women in Physics 2005

  • In 2003, women earned 22% of the physics and 46% of the Astronomy Bachelors degrees
  • In 2003, women earned 18%  physics and 26% of astronomy PhD
  • In 2005, women made of 10% of the physics and 14% of the astronomy faculty
  • “Even when working in the same sector for the same number of years, women’s salaries are lower than men’s in physics and related fields.”
During 2003, women earned 22% of the bachelor’s degrees in
physics and 18% of the PhDs in physics—a record high (Figure 1). In astronomy in 2003,
women earned 46% of bachelor’s degrees and 26% of PhDs


  1. Nick W.
    Sep 13, 2009


    You should really check out “Hypatia’s Heritage” by Margaret Alic. It’s a well-written history of the contribution women have made to science (or in olde timey speak, “natural philosophy”). Not only is it inspiring to read about the important role that many, many women have played in the history of science, but it also vindicates many who were forgotten or whose ideas were basically stolen by men and passed of as their own. Enjoy!

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