Can you help 365 Days of Astronomy get thru to 2012?

Posted By Pamela on Aug 16, 2011 | 12 comments

Back in 2008, while planning for the International Year of Astronomy, a group of us came up with the idea to do a daily podcast that gives voice to all the people around the world who are passionate about astronomy. This idea became the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast, and in 2009 this little show filled every day with content ranging from facts to poetry to singing to oral history telling. The success of community production earned the show the 2009 Parsec award for best “Infotainment.” Making 365 Days of Astronomy possible has been a steady stream of volunteer content, donations, and hard work from project manger Nancy Atkinson, audio producer Preston Gibson, weekly show producer Stuart Lowe, web content editor Kortney Hogan, development officers Georgia Bracey and Joe Rhea, and site design wrangler / exec producer Michael Koppelman (and don’t forget theme song writer, George Hrab). Many others have helped too – too many to list here – and as the paper pusher behind this project, I have to say I couldn’t be prouder of the show.

Unfortunately, the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast is in trouble due to a lack of funding and audio. (donation page at Astrosphere)

Right now, we are seeking the audio and funding needed to keep 365 Days of Astronomy going through December 2011. We seek commitments for 82 episodes and $5000 in funding. We would like our last episode to be December 31, 2011.

How we got here: When the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, came to an end, we decided to keep the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast going for two reasons: We had momentum and we knew the Year of the Solar System was coming. It was my (and I take the full blame here) belief that the Year of the Solar System would be able to carry much of the energy of IYA into the future, and that people passionate about our home star system would add their voices and donations to support 365 Days of Astronomy through this new celebration of space. This just didn’t happen though. Let’s face it, the economy sucks and many people are just tired. Finding the energy to donate time or money is hard when listening to the radio makes you want to hide under the bed.

Why we’re asking: At a certain level, it is hard to walk away from something feeling like it is halfway done. This is the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast, and we’d like to complete the 2011 calendar year.

Can you help?
We want your audio! You can signup to produce an episode by emailing

We need financial help. 365 Days of Astronomy is a product of Astrosphere New Media, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Your donations are tax-deductible in the US, and appreciated no matter where you come from. You can donate via paypal:

Please help?

UPDATED: You can also become a Sustaining Supporter of 365 Days of Astronomy 

We have set up three ways to become a sustaining supporter of 365 Days of Astronomy. You can donate: $1 / week, $1 / day, or the equivalent of 5 Caffe Latte’s a week at Starbucks. All subscriptions are 5 months in duration.

Checks can also be sent to: Astrosphere New Media Association, PO Box 804, Edwardsville, IL 62025 USA


  1. I wish I could help but i am desperately in need of funds and don’t really have a topic to discuss. Plus unfortunely I have not listened that much to it lately.

  2. Love to make a donation but don’t have a Paypal account. Is there another way to get the funds to you?

  3. Everyone can contribute, one way or another. Talk to your friends, encourage people to listen, write a review on iTunes (speaking of which, I still need to do).

    And of course you could donate funds like I did. Surely there are 30 other folks out there that can donate one day a month worth of funding.

    Talk into a recording device for a bit discussing why you think Astronomy is real magic (the way Astrology isn’t). Interview the astronomy at the local college or university. There are a lot of stories that are left to be told.

    I don’t want 365 to end. I’ve enjoyed it since the beginning, supported it and talked it up with my friends and local astronomy group. If each Astronomy group around the nation donate one day’s worth of funding, that would go a long way. A very long way.

    Come on, there is enough astronomy left for a life time of 365’s.


  4. OK – back from iTunes…. I hate that site, it’s so not intuitive. Anyway, fresh from my review.

    Tag, you’re it, reader, go do something nice for 365.


  5. Any chance of having a Subscription link added to the donation options? The standard $1/week model isn’t going to break anyones bank and they do add up. I think i have about $15/week going out to podcast subs at the moment. 🙂

  6. I’ve donated a few times – did two episodes in 2009, one in 2010, another one this year. I will see about interviewing people at Dragon*Con and send in some more. 🙂

  7. I had fun doing the August 14 episode … it was a new experience for me, and I’d like to think it would provide a foundation for conversation if I ever meet you at a party / convention / whatever. I hope you liked it.

    I’m very shortly off to Europe for a few weeks, and will be visiting two or three places with an astronomical connection such as the Kepler Museum in Germany. Maybe I’ll come back with enough notes to form the basis of another episode. No guarantees, and I’m not even willing to say in advance that it’s likely, but I’m definitely open to the idea.

    As for funding, I’ve sponsored one episode in the past, and will consider sponsoring more. But not before mid September when I get back!

  8. I do download these podcast and i would really want to help this show because i simply love astronomy podcast. But i am facing some financial crisis these days. I will donate the money as soon as possible.

  9. 2012 – the year the podcast ends……. how weird is that timing?

  10. I want to send one modest check. Where? Who to?
    I have an answer to the failure to find dark matter and/or dark energy. The current search is all based on a false assumption and will lead nowhere.
    Dark matter is thought to exist because phenomena says it must exist. It doesn’t. The pehenomena can be explained by another explanation.
    Perhaps it can be revealed on FMAstronomy.

  11. Checks can be sent to

    Astrosphere New Media Assoc.
    PO Box 804
    Edwardsville, IL 62025

  12. I did an episode slated for 10/13 on the color of the Sun. You might be relieved to know that I did not use your name. 🙂

    I also donated a little, too, with dedication to all professional astronomer, such as yourself.

    Keep up all the good work, and I’ll do the rest. 😉


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