Random Thought 7

Posted By on Jul 1, 2007

Fireworks are a great way to study persistence of vision.

And if you don’t get motion sick, try watching through diffraction grating glasses. You can actually see the atomic/molecular lines of of the stuff used to make the fireworks!

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Random Thought 5

Posted By on Jun 24, 2007

I just looked over my podcast stats (a self hating act if there ever was one). My numbers have been slowly creeping up about 10 readers per week since I went daily at the beginning of May. It is sad, but it is encouraging. I see growth. It’s just slow. If you guys could plug my little blog whenever you see an entry that you like, I’d deeply appreciate it.
And tomorrow we return to our regularly scheduled onslaught on science.

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Random Thought 4

Posted By on Jun 16, 2007

Do not try to navigate by the stars while walking some place that moles live. Locate the direction. Locate the mole hole(s). Only walk after doing both.

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Random Thought 4

Posted By on Jun 11, 2007

If Blogging and Podcasting are New Media, does that mean there will one day be a Post-New Media form of media?

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Random News

Posted By on Jun 8, 2007

The following unattached thoughts are listed here in no particular order:

  1. A big woohoo to my Astronomy Cast co-host Fraser Cain for his appearance on the Wired Blog Network. Fraser’s Universe Today is a must read for anyone interested in astronomy.
  2. Next week, on June 14th, the Space Carnival will be hosted by yours truly. Please send submissions to CarnivalOfSpace@gmail.com by 6pm June 13th. Any blog can contribute, however contributions need to be related to, well, space. To learn more check out This site and links therein.
  3. If you are an educator, check out this neat program planned to kick off the launch of the next Mars exploration program: Phoenix.

Okay, randomness over.

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Random Note

Posted By on May 12, 2007

When the freaky green star you are looking at through the apple tree suddenly darts left, you may be observing a lightening bug.

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