Archive | June, 2007

Redshifted Formaldehyde

I just finished taking a tour through the latest papers posted on the astronomy preprint server. In general, few things do more to attract a my attention than a good title. One title in particular stopped my casual scrolling dead on its pixels: Redshifted formaldehyde from the gravitational lens B0218+357. Now, I knew beforehand that […]

Random Thought 5

I just looked over my podcast stats (a self hating act if there ever was one). My numbers have been slowly creeping up about 10 readers per week since I went daily at the beginning of May. It is sad, but it is encouraging. I see growth. It’s just slow. If you guys could plug […]

Random Thought 4

Just last week, it seems, Venus was in Gemini and Saturn stood half a sky away in Leo. Seeing Venus and Saturn side-by-side in Leo the past couple days makes me wonder where the days have gone. When you really watch the sky, it is truly amazing how fast things can move.