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And meanwhile, over on CNET

Earlier this week I had the amazing chance to spend some time over at CNET’s UK facilities in London. Nate Lanxon, one of their writers a co-host of the Crave Podcast, had previously written a really good review that mentioned Astronomy Cast, and as a result he and I got to emailing, and he even […]

Stolen Moments in London

So, I have to admit to being a bad person today. I snuck away from working for several hours to explore the British Museum. It was an amazing sun filled day and light streamed in from the sky lights, bringing the outside in to illuminate 1000s of artifacts gathered from around the globe. One of […]

The Internet and Human Relations

The past 48 hours or so have been a mad adventure across the UK. From meeting with Astronomy Cast and Galaxy Zoo folks in London to recording Astronomy Cast and attending a dinner seminar in Oxford yesterday with Chris Lintott, everything I’ve done has been facilitated through the Internet. It seems that sometimes real life […]