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GLAST Delayed

During a NASA Town Hall meeting at AAS Dr. Morse made mention of GLAST being pushed back from June 5th until the 6th or 7th due to issues with the Delta II rocket. I later confirmed with Dr. Jon Morse that GLAST is being pushed back until at least the 6th or 7th of June. […]

Short Gamma-Ray Bursts: Two Parent Populations are better than One

When we look up with gamma-ray eyes (or use satellite’s like Swift above the atmosphere to watch the sky with gamma-ray sensitive detectors), many different things draw our attention. There is gamma-ray emission from pulsars, from quasars, from accretion disks around black holes. There are flickers from anti-matter – matter self-annihilation. There are many cool […]

All your darkmatter are belong to unparticles

Sometimes, in science, English is abused in ways that make one giggle while learning. Earlier today I read an abstract that was so fascinatingly unnatural that I had to read the article. “Once a parity is introduced in unparticle physics, under which unparticle provided in a hidden conformal sector is odd while all Standard Model […]