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Kepler First Science

This is the morning of Kepler. I’m currently sitting in a the Marriot Ballroom watching the speaker, William J Borucki (NASA/Ames) gear up to announcing planets. This amazing mission has been imaging the same rich stellar field over and over looking for planetary transits: the slight dimming of light from a star that comes from […]

Resonating Worlds

I want to start by saying the following story is drawn from a pre-print, and the planet I’m about to talk about has not yet been directly detected. This is just a really neat little paper that offers a new way to look at things. In a new pre-print over on arXive, astronomers Ignasi Ribas […]

In Search of Alien Air

Looking for planets is a difficult task. Planets are physically small (compared to stars), physically faint (compared to stars), and are consistently located next really bright objects (those would be the stars). Looking at planets isn’t much different from looking at bats eating bugs in front of the largest spotlight you’ve ever seen. As the […]