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Meetup Tonight

Please forward to anyone you know this might impact. There are TWO San Lorenzo’s next to the the conference center. One is a Mexican cantina. The other is a taqaria (sp?). We are meeting at the one between McDonald’s and Quizno’s. See map. If you are in the meeting or local and want to suggest […]

LPSC: Crater Carancas Event

Posting out of order here. I have a ton of notes on this morning’s Moon sessions, but before piecing together pages of lunar science, I want to share something neat: Science results on Crater Carancas. This newest, smallest crater on the planet Earth was formed September 15, 2007 in Peru. The impact site is fairly […]

Getting to LPSC

Part of the reason I’m able to attend the LPSC meeting in Houston is its convenient location in time. Its mid-March date span landed exactly on my Spring Break. For some reason, however, this knowledge hadn’t triggered a flag in my brain to warn me that it is also spring break for probably 25% of […]