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Dragon*Con Retrospective

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Dragon*Con, where I slept too little and ran real hard. It was good, but I have to admit it is all a blur of images and emotions. When I try to think of those 4 days in Atlanta, my brain responds with flickering fragments of moments. […]

Dragon*Con: There and back again

I’m home from Dragon*Con and I feel like I’ve popped out of the Rabbit Hole. The past 4 days were an amazing adventure. On one hand, I was in Atlanta in much the same way that I attend many conferences – I was a scientist with presentations to give and a booth to man. On […]

Dragon*Con: Day 3

I seem to be spending a ton of time hanging out with Skeptics at this conference. It is fun. But before getting into the serious, I’m going to be silly (thus the image at left). I’ve been hanging out with (left to right) Richard Saunders and Phil Plait a lot, and here we are showing […]